Sony XDR-S16DBP, A DAB+ Radio With Elegant Retro Look

With so many other gadgets providing our fill of music, it’s hard to come up with a reason to get a standalone radio.   The Sony XDR-A16DBP makes an impassioned case to take space on your desk by virtue of just being so damn good-looking.

Meant for portable use, the radio measures a compact 270 × 140 × 112 mm and weighs a light 1.7 kg.  Design is clean and uncluttered, with a retro-looking wooden cabinet housing the electronics.

The Sony XDR-S16DBP can receive DAB, DAB+ and FM broadcasts, complete with an old-school antenna that flips out from the top rear side.  Controls sit at the top end of the front face, along with a two-line, 16-character monochrome LCD in the center.   Below them sits the speaker grill, which hides two 0.8W stereo speakers.

Features include 10 DAB/DAB+ presets, 10 FM presets, four alarms and a 3.5mm headphone jack.   There’s also a sleep timer, so it turns off automatically after the soothing sounds of your favorite station lulls you to bed.

Of course, there’s going to need to be DAB transmissions flying over your locale if you’re going to put the Sony XDR-S16DBP to good use.  It’s now available in Europe for £79 (around $127).