Sony VAIO Signature Collection Makes Your Notebooks Look Drab


Your laptop a little too utilitarian for your tastes? Carry a little more style to go with your substance with Sony’s brand new VAIO Signature Collection, a range of the manufacturer’s existing portable computers decked in fancy garb.

While Sony VAIO has traditionally put out some of the sexiest laptops around, this series does raise the bar a little bit. It features fancied-up editions of six different Sony computers, namely the P699 (glossy black case), the TT290 (electric blue), the SR490 (champagne gold case), the Z790 (bordeaux red and kaleidoscope), the Z798 (carbon fiber) and the CS390 (deep violet and numerous colors of faux-crocodile skin).


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Each machine in the collection comes with limited availability and varying price ranges. Notable picks include the special-edition VAIO P (which comes with 1.86GHz Atom Z540 and 256GB of SSD) that costs a whopping $2,000 and the three dual-core crocodile-skin machines at a fair-sounding $800 apiece. The Deep Violet CS model should be particularly well-suited to those who bought the Prince edition iPod Touch – let’s just say they look like they were built by the same hands.


As with regular purchases, you can get further specs customizations for all Sony Vaio Signature Collection computers, so they can match all those good looks with ample processing power.

[Sony VAIO Signature Collection via Sony Insider]