Sossbox Will Preserve Your Dried Plants’ Full Flavor And Potency

Ziploc is great for sandwiches and chips.  For your stash of dried organic materials, however, you might want to upgrade to something that keeps it more conspicuous, like the Sossbox.

Designed to hold organic matter such as tea leaves, coffee beans and… uhm… smokeable goods, the container is hermetically sealed to retain your hoard’s full flavor and chemical potency.  What good is paying premium for good medicinal plant products, after all, if you’re just gonna let them stale?

The brainchild of Seattle-based MK7 Designs, the Sossbox is a specially-designed modular container that measures 2.85-inches tall and 3.9-inches square on all the other sides.    Materials and construction are fully FDA compliant, making it a safe alternative solution for your food storage needs.  Body is made from anodized aluminum alloy, with stainless steel fasteners, silicone sealing interior, clear water seal and a glass-bead blast finish.

The lid can be flipped over for use as a “work surface” (for rolling or whatever else you need to do), while the base can be removed for stacking additional modules, which lock in using the onboard neodymium magnetic latches.  The extra module can be used to increase the height of the box (effectively increasing the available storage area) or adding a screen barrier between the base and the stash.

I’ve always been increasingly amazed at the prices stores manage to sell boxes for.  The Sossbox doesn’t disappoint my tightwad sensibilities on that end, retailing for $249 (with the screen section add-on; less $20 without it).  It’s currently on pre-order with a May ship date.