Sosu Barrel-Aged Sriracha: Your Favorite Hot Sauce Fermented In Whiskey Barrels

Alcohol tastes good when you put it in barrels to age for a while. So why not try the same with everyone’s favorite hot sauce? That’s exactly what Sosu Sauces did with the Sosu Barrel-Aged Sriracha.

From the same guys that gave the world the similarly quirky Srirachup (a sriracha catsup), the new sauce combines the immensely popular Thai condiment with the craft of fermentation. Taste is described as spicy and fruity, with a lingering smokiness from the oak barrels. Basically, rooster sauce with a fresh and unique twist.

According to Sosu, the Barrel-Aged Sriracha is fermented for one month at a time in order to preserve the bright and fruity flavor of the peppers. Ingredients are simple and straightforward: fresh chili peppers, brown sugar, garlic, and salt, with no additives whatsoever. Each one is handmade and individually bottled in small batches, which they claim helps ensure the most intense flavors. Leftover pepper skins and seeds from the sriracha batches aren’t discarded, either. Instead, they’re turned into barrel-aged hot sauce (a vinegar-based sauce aged in barrels like their sriracha) and sriracha salt, which the outfit is also offering.

Sosu Sauces is currently running an already successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign for the Barrel-Aged Sriracha. Pledges to reserve a bottle starts at $25.

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