Soundmatters FoxL Dash 7 Puts Hi-Fi Audio In A Super-Slim, Ultra-Light Body

There’s a big world of hi-fi mobile speakers out there.  Some are bigger, some are sleeker and some are just downright tougher than your average set.   The Soundmatters FoxL Dash7’s claim to notoriety?  It’s the lightest and slimmest hi-fi mobile speaker money can buy.

Measuring just 0.75 inches tall  and weighing a mere 7.1 ounces, those claims definitely appear to be indisputable.  Hailed by Sound & Vision magazine as “the world’s best travel speaker,” it boasts state of the art sound quality on top of the ultra-portability, too.

The Soundmatters FoxL Dash7 is engineered around the 5th-generation version of the company’s patented Twoofers, which combine tweeters and subwoofers into a single ultra-flat neodymium driver. The Twoofers are joined by the similarly proprietary BassBattery, which doubles as the speaker’s rechargeable battery (rated at 12 hours of playback over Bluetooth; 20 hours over 3.5mm cable) and a passive bass woofer.  Pumping omnidirectional sound with over 8 octaves of music reproduction, this is as hi-fi as it gets for the current crop of mobile speakers we’ve seen.   You can play it while laid down flat or, for more discerning listeners, propped up using the included case’s angled stand for direct on-axis high-resolution playback.

As with other mobile Bluetooth speakers, it supports hands-free calling from your smartphone with the integrated echo-free noise-cancelling mic.  You can answer, terminate, reject and even transfer calls back to a smartphone directly from the speaker’s controls.

Amazon has the Soundmatters FoxL Dash7 available now, priced at $219.

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