Soundwall Is A Large Speaker Guised As Wall Art

Sure, there are plenty of options in gorgeous-looking home speakers, especially when you get to the higher-end of audio gear.   But it’s still going to be quite the chore trying to find something that can go with your existing home design.  The Soundwall eliminates the need for that by integrating all the audio hardware with the art that’s mounted up your wall.

From the outside, it looks like a regular art print housed inside a picture frame with speakers hidden underneath.  In reality, though, the entire surface of the canvas is part of the actual speaker system, so the sounds come straight at you, rather than merely seep out from the sides.

The Soundwall boasts hi-fidelity sound using a sophisticated distributed mode speaker system that works hand-in-hand with an amplifier and Raspberry Pi computer integrated into the frame.  Five sizes are available: poster (24 x 36 inches), panorama (24 x 48 inches), modern (36 x 36 inches), fine art (36 x 40 inches), and epic (40 x 60 inches), so you can choose exactly the kind of art to have mounted in your space.   It can wirelessly stream music via AirPlay (for iOS) and UPnP (for Android), as well as stream through a tethered connection via RCA for the rest of your wired audio gear.

You can choose from Soundwall’s curated selection of artworks and photographs to be printed on the canvas, as well as upload your own images for personalized prints.  For those inclined to dip brush in paint, you can order one with a blank canvas and whip up your very own masterpiece.

Pricing for the Soundwall starts at $949.

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