Soup & Cracker Mug: Two Food Items, One Tableware

That Dunk Mug you got last year sure is great for putting your coffee and crackers all in one place.  Now, you can do the same for your afternoon snack with the Soup & Cracker Mug,  a soup bowl with a built-in pouch for holding your crispy wafers.

Whether you like crumbling your crackers into your soup, dipping them in or putting them all in your mouth in one big mess, the tableware keeps the whole business tidy and on-point.  No extra cracker plate necessary, so you leave your table just a tiny bit less crowded, too.

The Soup & Cracker Mug is made from ceramic and measures 7.5 x 4.25 x 2.5 inches.  You can scoop up to 16 ounces of soup in the bowl, while the side pouch makes room for six saltines.  A handle sits across the cracker slot, making it easy to carry with one hand while you make your way around the office.  It’s safe for use with microwaves and dishwashers, as well, so it’s just as convenient as any of your previous soup-eating staples.

Of course, you can use it for other food combos, like nachos and salsa, milk and cookies, and chicken nuggets and sauce.  Just use whichever area of the container makes the most sense.

Available in sets of two, the Soup & Cracker Mug retails for $9.99.