An Integrated Heating Element Allows The Soup3rb Blender To Both Mix And Cook Your Soups And Sauces


Ever started reading a recipe, only to realize it involves using three different pots and pans, five different bowls, and multiple other cookware to finish, so you just stop reading because there’s no way you want to clean up that much stuff after making just a single meal? I feel your pain. That’s why one-pot cooking is so awesome. And it’s also why this Soup3rb Heat + Blend (seriously, that’s the name) is all sorts of spectacular.

Made by 3 Squares, it will shred, chop, puree, and liquefy any ingredient you place inside the main container just like any blender. Unlike them, it comes with an integrated heating element that can cook soups and sauces directly inside the same chamber. That means, instead of transferring to a separate pot for cooking on a stovetop, you can pour the results straight into a serving bowl.

Inside the Soup3rb sits an 800-watt nonstick heating element that allow you to not just cook soups and sauces, but even prep food right on the blender. Need to melt butter? It’s all you need. Need to caramelize onions on a little oil before pureeing the vegetables? Forget the pan, just do it on the same appliance. A 450-watt motor paired with the blade assembly handles all the blending duties, with everything pulverized inside a stainless steel jar. Yes, I know, you can’t see through steel to watch your vegetables get decimated to smithereens, but you can still keep tabs on consistency by peering through the transparent lid. Features include push-button controls, a digital display, and pre-programmed settings for both hot and cold recipes.

Slated to launch in the third quarter, the Spup3rb Heat + Blend will be priced at $150.

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