SousVide Supreme Touch+ Upgrades The Original Sous Vide Machine With Modern Connected Tech


We’re big fans of SousVide Supreme and their pioneering water oven, which was the first to bring the cooking technique to home kitchens all over the world. This time around, the outfit is updating their popular cooker with the SousVide Supreme Touch+, which combines the same sous vide appliance with all the convenience of modern connected tech.

No, they didn’t reinvent the wheel with this iteration. Instead, it’s, pretty much, the same SousVide Supreme we’ve known the last few years, from the same size and profile to the same energy efficiency and cooking options. Except, you know, with more tech onboard.


The SousVide Supreme Touch+ comes with an all-new touchscreen that you can control even with wet fingers, so no need to dry off that hand before fiddling with the settings – you can navigate the menu even with water, sauces, and other cooking leftovers stuck on your finger. They also threw in a transparent lid, so people can finally stop lifting the cover and wasting valuable heat just to check on the lamb they threw inside the water bath several times an hour.

Like most modern devices, the cooking appliance also gets integrated Wi-Fi, allowing you to control it remotely from the new companion app. You can control all settings directly from the app, so you can start the water bath before leaving the office and have it at the ideal temperature to cook that chicken you left thawing in the fridge right as you get back home. Of course, the app comes with social elements, too, so you can share your recipes and view other people’s sous vide specialties (yeah, you can get even weirder with your ongoing sous vide obsession). Oh yeah, it’s Alexa-compatible, too, so you don’t even have to bother with the touchscreen – just place the water and the food, then tell Amazon’s virtual assistant exactly how you want it cooked.


As with the original Supreme, the SousVide Supreme Touch+ comes with dual-wall insulation, so the outside stays cool to the touch, making it perfectly safe to have within reach of foolish children and stupid family members who are too old not to know better. It performs the same in energy efficiency, too, only using up a lot of energy at the start to bring the water to the desired temperature, while using up just the same energy as a 20-watt light bulb to maintain that same temperature throughout a cooking session.

An 11-liter capacity allows the appliance to cook 20 four-ounce portions at a time, so you can use this to cook dinner for an entire family, as well as prepare meats for storing and eating later in the week. Because everything is controlled within one appliance, food is perfectly-cooked at precise temperatures and duration every single time, ensuring consistent and reproducible results, whether you’re working with meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the SousVide Supreme Touch+. You can reserve a unit starting at $349. If you need a vacuum sealer to go with your water bath oven, they offer a complete pack for pledges starting at $499.

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