Soylent Coffiest Combines Breakfast And Coffee In A Single Bottled Drink


Truth be told, we’re still unsure whether Soylent is a suitable permanent replacement for actual meals.  Still, if you’ve tried it and found the mixes potent enough to keep you healthy and thriving, then more power. And while you can always enjoy a cup of coffee with your morning supply of the meal replacement beverage to give you that morning buzz you require, some may prefer just getting their hit of caffeine from the same drink that fills them up every morning. That’s what the Soylent Coffiest is all about.

A breakfast version of Soylent, it combines the nutritional requirements of a balanced breakfast with a solid hit of coffee to get you focused and functioning early in the morning. Unlike the original Soylent, it also comes pre-mixed in a bottle, so you can just stock it in the fridge and pick one up for gulping down on the way to the office.


Each bottle of the Soylent Coffiest comes with 400 calories’ worth of nutritional content by combining a well-balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. Accompanying that is 150mg of caffeine (same amount as a 16-oz. cup) made from light-roast coffee beans, so you don’t just get the hit, but the taste, of delicious coffee as well.  Oh yeah, they threw in a hint of chocolate flavor just to balance everything out into a much tastier drink. It’s lactose-free, nut-free, and animal-free, so it should be palatable to a whole lot of pickier eaters.


Available now, the Soylent Coffiest is priced at $3.10 a bottle.

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