SpaBerry Portable Hot Tubs Let You Plug And Soak, Inspires Suggestive Faces


Like lounging around in a hot tub wherever you turn up and making ecstatic faces (see guy in the photo)?  Just throw the SpaBerry in the back of your pickup and enjoy soaking in warm suds even in the middle of a forest.

We made that sound too easy.  It’s actually not.  Weighing 240 lbs without water, these portable hot tubs should require a little muscle to lug around (like Incredible Hulk-type of sustained strength).  Beyond that, however, all you need is a water hose and a 110V outlet to enjoy a relaxing day just lounging on water.

Each SpaBerry unit is made from a durable acrylic shell and comes in five different solid colors.   They offer options to customize using one of ten BerryWraps, which are, basically, picturesque decals designed to adorn the tub’s body.


One of the simplest portable hot tubs we’ve seen, all you have to do is plop them down, attach a hose (for the water supply) and plug into an extension outlet.  The heating mechanism is integrated directly on the unit, requiring no other systems to be installed.  Features include a cascading waterfall, massaging jets and drink coasters along the edges.

I’ve always thought it was a good idea to wake up to a warm bath – as in, I leave bed right into a hot tub.  This unit, sitting right next to my cot, should make that easy.  The only thing I wish they added is wheels  (and, possibly, a mobility motor) so it’s really portable.  As it is, you’ll have to recruit three or four muscle-bound freaks just to get it from the lawn to the upstairs bathroom – not the most portable thing I can imagine.

The SpaBerry portable hot tubs are available for $4,999.  Full-tub decorative decals are sold and installed separately for $399 each.

[SpaBerry via Cool Hunting]