Space Toys’ Lunar Lander Replica Features 1:1 Scale, Authentic Details


Ever wanted to stage your own fake moon landing?  Now you can.  Space Toys is selling full-size replicas of the twelve different Lunar Modules that hit the big ball of cheese.  Houston, I want one.

One quick question, though.  Are lunar landers really as ugly as that mess of metal shown in the picture?  I mean, sure it’s sturdy enough to have survived space and all, but it really does look like someone slapped it up in a barely-lit garage.  Then filmed a fake footage of man landing of the moon.

The replica Lunar Modules will be custom-built and made to order, with the details matching your choice of any of the twelve excursion modules at a 1:1 scale.  Space Toys claims it will be built out of durable materials, with utmost dedication to detail and authenticity.  Buyers can also opt for a complete interior reproduction or one of their own designs, although any upgrades should cost extra.  Your friends’ dedicated home bars, whacked-out RVs and beer-serving videogame cabinets suddenly seem pale in comparison, don’t they?

Ever wanted to shoot space porn?  Welcome to your instant prop.  Want to test your theories about the authenticity of the moon landings?  Arm yourself with a detailed approximation of their equipment.  Seriously, if you’ve ever lied to girls claiming to be an astronaut, this is your chance to show proof.  Tell them you had the lander delivered to your backyard as a souvenir from the President of the United States.

Of course, all of those suggestions are only valid if you can afford Space Toys’ Full-Scale Lunar Lander.  Currently available as a custom order from the site, they’re asking for $89,000 apiece.  Considering that the cost of he original Lunar Modules costs $17 million apiece, that doesn’t sound too shabby.

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