Wear This Spacelife Jacket The Next Time You Tell Girls At The Bar You’re An Astronaut


Your Betabrand Space Jacket looks cool and all, but it looks too much like an everyday jacket that it’s hard to convince people you’re a real astronaut. If you want to pick up chicks at the bar by pretending to be someone who flies to outer space for a living, you might find better luck with the Spacelife Jacket.

Sure, it’s still nowhere close to the technical marvel that are astronaut suits, but with a spacesuit design and some neat technical features, you should have a good chance of convincing some tipsy girl that you just came home after spending five months at the ISS. Of course, you’ll still need to convincingly gab about your experiences in space, but a little research and a little practice of your delivery should get you up to speed.


The Spacelife Jacket probably won’t protect you from the sub-zero temperatures and the high radiation of space, but it should be insulated enough to keep you warm at any bar all through the winter. Construction is 210D trilobal fiber for the exterior, a light-reflecting fabric that will keep you visible with a high sheen even in the darkest recesses of space. It also gets a water-repellent finish to keep you dry in the snow, with a breathable backside to keep cool under all that thick shell.


The jacket’s hood, which is also reflective, comes with built-in speakers, ready to pipe the sounds of space to your ears, with playback buttons integrated right on the sleeve. It’s packaged in a special Spacelife Ambassador’s Kit, which include a variety of space-inspired accessories.


Available for preorder now, the Spacelife Jacket is priced at €1,499.

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