Spaceship And Radbot 500 Offer Powerful Bicycle Illumination

Need more road illumination when you’re bicycling at night than what your reflectors provide?  Might be time to consider bike lights.  When it comes to lighting up your pedal-pushing, the Spaceship and Radbot 500 kit sounds like they can do the job with striking brilliance.

Fashioned by Portland Design Works, the set contains two lights: the Spaceship for the front and the Radbot 500 for the rear.  Both offer some serious lighting and are easily removable, allowing you to switch them between bikes, as well as take them out when parked to avoid theft.  They boast all-weather durability, as well, claiming to withstand adverse road conditions while retaining full function.

The Spaceship is an ultra-strong headlight, armed by a 0.5W Japanese LED, reinforced by special German-engineered lens.  Operating on two AA batteries, it offers both steady and pulsing flash modes that you can switch between on the fly.  It can clamp on to handlebars with diameters between 22 to 31.8 mm using a finger-turned screw.

Designed to attach to your rack, seatpost or seatstay (it comes with different mounts), the Radbot 500  pairs a 0.5W red Nichia LED with a Euro reflector below it.  It uses two AAA batteries for operation and also includes a backpack clip, in case you want to walk around with lights on your back (so you can pretend to be a robot).

Both bike accessories require the lights to be unscrewed to replace the batteries, which is probably the only caveat.  The two-piece set is priced pretty good too at $45.

[Ride PDW via Gadget Lab]