Spacruzzi Hot Tub Boat Lets You Cruise Down The Water While Soaking In A Relaxing Bath

A boat that’s also a hot tub – that’s a concept we’ve seen explored a couple times before. It’s a pretty cool idea, after all. The Spacruzzi is a new take on the idea and you can get it right now.

Similar to previous hot tub boats we’ve seen, it’s an actual hot tub that you can soak in that also happens to be a functional boat. That means, you can cruise waterways while relaxing in a hot bath, giving you an entirely different way of enjoying the local lakes and beaches.

The Spacruzzi is a teardrop-shaped boat that’s fully-compliant with all US Coast Guard specifications, making it perfectly safe to operate on any body of water.  Of course, instead of having a deck you can stand or sit on, the entire thing is a floating hot tub, so you can spend the day soaking while riding on the vessel. It’s powered by an electric motor that draws power from an onboard battery, which can hold enough charge to keep the boat cruising for up to five hours between charges, although actual operating time will depend on speed, water conditions, and other factors. Oh yeah, it’s swappable, so you can keep a spare on hand to extend the ride time with a quick switch of battery modules. There’s no word on how fast you can get this thing running, but it’s primarily a leisure boat, so we don’t imagine it going all that fast, especially considering how much weight all that water puts on it.

An onboard filtration system draws from the surrounding water and circulates it to the boat, so you’re not soaking in the same water from start to finish. It uses a combination of UV and saltwater cleansing to keep the water clean, too, both when it’s inside the boat and when it circulates it back out.

The Spacruzzi has onboard heating provided by a propane-powered stove at the pointed end of the boat, keeping the water at ideal temperatures the whole time you’re cruising. Designed to be operated as simply as a gas grill, the stove has a safety sensor system that shuts the heating down automatically when needed, all while working with standard propane tanks, so there’s no need for specialty gear to get the whole thing running. Both the heating and filtration system are removable, allowing you to easily take it off the boat for servicing, in case they break down.

The boat measures 12.85 x 7.95 x 2.75 inches (length x width x draft), with a dry weight of 1,200 pounds with all equipment in tow. Once loaded with water and boarded by six passengers, though, the outfit estimates the weight to go up to around 4,000 pounds. According to the outfit, the boat can be customized, with options to specify your choice of deck materials and finishes, as well as install accessories like shade towers, underwater lights, floating drink caddies, and trailers, among other items.

The Spacruzzi is available now, priced starting at $48,900, although that will clearly increase with more customizations you make. Each boat is built upon ordering, so turnaround can take up to 120 days.

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