Cufflinks With Hidden Handcuff Key For Dapper White-Collar Criminals

Aspiring white collar criminals need to learn basic escape tactics, too.  After all, you’ll be handcuffed and thrown in the back of a squad car just like every petty thief and hardened thug, even if they do arrest you inside a cushy office way up in some high-rise in the middle of the city’s business center.  These Sparrows Uncuff Links should come very handy in that situation.

Styled to look like a standard pair of decorative fasteners, it features a built-in handcuff key that you can deploy and put to work in a jiffy.  Just remove the links from your shirt’s cuffs and stick the key into the handcuff’s lock, prying it open while making as little noise as possible.  With a pair of these, you can loosen any handcuffs put on you the instant an opportunity to make a  daring escape presents itself.

Perfect for escape-plotting white collar criminals and suited-up globetrotting spies, the Sparrows Uncuff Links wear like regular accessories for fastening the cuffs on your custom-tailored dress shirt, so you can look dapper while being completely ready to wiggle out of a sticky predicament.  The cuff links feature a carbon fiber inlay of a keyhole, which sort of gives the secret function away a little.  Still, we doubt law enforcement will figure that out before you manage to unhook the locks out of the clasps they put on you.

The Uncuff Links are currently on preorder at Sparrows’ website.  Price is $59, with shipments promised for the first week of December.

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