SpeakerCraft BoomTomb Is A Ground-Buried Subwoofer

Want an amplifier to go with the boulder speakers in your backyard?  Bring on the noise with the SpeakerCraft BoomTomb, an amplifier and subwoofer system designed to be buried underground.

Created by the same folks behind the original in-wall speakers, the audio equipment offers up a whole new way to enjoy music outdoors.  The entire body of the rig is meant to be covered up in a hole, with only the hooded port (the top part) needing to be exposed for operation.

The SpeakerCraft BoomTomb uses a poly-resin enclosure that looks adequately armored up for rugged, outdoor use.  Housed inside is a ten-inch long woofer, powered by a 250-watt amplifier that’s designed to attach to your sound system via standard speaker cables.  The hood along the top is intended to protect the internal components from familiar outdoor staples, such as water and debris.

Obviously, this offers an entirely new way to set up a sound system outside the main house, possibly allowing you to outfit a rig with quality that can rival the assembly on your living room.  Plus, it’s barely discernible, with nothing but that hockey puck of a hood showing.

No word on pricing, but SpeakerCraft says the BoomTomb will debut sometime in the fourth quarter.

[via Engadget]