Specs Op T.H.E. Wallet Jr Protects Your Money, Cards Like No Other; Kisses Your Ass Without Complaints


It’s tough being a wallet.  You hold a ton of important stuff – from cash to credit cards to identification – yet spend the majority of your days kissing ass.  You don’t ever complain because that is your job.  Instead, you faithfully pray for the day when you begin to crack and wear off, so you can get your reprieve, replaced by someone fresh and new.

With that said, it’s probably doubly tough being a Specs Op T.H.E. Wallet Jr.  Super-durable and ultra-tough, it can manage to stick around long after other wallets have withered.  Since it holds everything so well, the owners don’t ever want to throw it away too, keeping it close to their asses for eternity.  Aaah…it’s the most unfortunate wallet in the whole universe.

The T.H.E. part stands for “Tactical Holds Everything.”  While it can’t really “hold everything,” it should be able to carry unusual stuff more handily than your pedestrian variety.  Pockets include inside and outside ID windows, four credit card slots, zippered coin pocket and a full-length area for cash and receipts.  The last one comes with a stealthy zipper that can be closed to turn it into a hidden pocket.


Built from 1000D cordura, nylon fabric and nylon pack cloth, the tough materials are further reinforced by double-stitching all throughout, along with bar tacks at critical stress points.  That means your wallet will probably still give out from excessive use like a regular leather pocket piece, except the definition of “excessive” is now miles away.  It measures 4 x 4 inches when folded and sports a special slip-in closure that keeps it securely locked without the use of velcro, buckles or snaps.  If you’re the type who’d rather not have your wallet smelling your bum all day, the Wallet Jr can be hung around the neck, too.

Easily one of the most durable wallets I’ve ever seen, the Specs Op T.H.E. Wallet Jr is ready to take abuse for only $28.95.  It comes in three colors – black, camouflage and olive-drab green.

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