Speedbox Voyager 70 Is So Tough It Can Carry 300 Pounds Of Drinks


It looks like it belongs somewhere in a construction site, with its big frame, tough shell, and burly constitution. Well, it isn’t. While it looks like it’s designed to carry sand and gravel, the Speedbox Voyager 70 is actually a military-grade ice box that’s been built to keep food and drinks chilled through the harshest environmental conditions.

That’s right, it’s the superhero of coolers, ready to protect all your refreshments like it’s the world’s most precious cargo. Whether you’re camping in treacherous mountain conditions, partying with rowdy merrymakers at an outdoor festival, or just want the toughest ice box money can buy, this thing should figure high in your list of options.


The Speedbox Voyager 70 comes with a 70-gallon capacity, so it should accommodate a good amount of food and drinks along with healthy heaping of ice. It’s rated to support weights of up to 300 pounds, too, so if you ever come across hidden pirate treasures after your camping expedition, you can use this to carry all that heavy gold back to civilization. Construction is roto-molded polymer that’s shatter-resistant and, according to the outfit, stronger than most metals, so this thing can be kicked, bumped, and hit repeatedly without sustaining any damage. No word on whether it can survive a bear desperately searching for food, but you’ll probably have a better shot at keeping all your food and refreshments intact with this thing compared to any other cooler.

Dimensions are 34.25 x 27.4 x 26 inches (length x width x height), so it’s pretty big. Fortunately, it comes with two wheels and a tow handle for easily hauling, whether you’re on the way to the parking lot, a backyard barbecue, or a campsite. Those wheels, by the way, are 10-inch polyurethane rigs, so there’s no chance of getting a flat, with a chunky build and built-in treads that should allow them to slide easily along off-road trails. It pairs those wheels with a “never-fail handle system” that’s made from two 0.75-inch aluminum rods, a two-pound aluminum locking block, and an angle iron, ensuring it’s likely to survive whatever you can throw its way.


The Speedbox Voyager 70 has an integral lid with a die-cast T-handle keyed lock, so you can lock in all its contents, in case you don’t want people drinking all the good stuff before the party even gets going, as well as two compression latches to further reinforce the seal. A built-in gasket around the top wall creates an air-tight and watertight seal, while an air valve on the bottom serves to equalize atmospheric conditions inside and out, apart from serving as the drain when it’s time to clean out the cooler.


Even better, the cooler is designed as stackable modules, so you can pile them flush on top of each other. Each box comes with stabilizing rope tethers that serve as secure way to interlock multiple units during transport, minimizing the chances any stacked module will fall off after a sudden stop.

The Speedbox Voyager 70 is available now, priced at $595.

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