SpeedClean BucketVac Turns Buckets Into Industrial Shop Vacuums

A bucket is a versatile household tool.  You can use it to fetch water, hold tools, cook over coals, and a whole lot more.  The SpeedClean BucketVac adds another function to the humble bucket: you can use it to build yourself a powerful contractor-grade vacuum.

Designed to fit any standard 5-gallon bucket, the contraption uses the bucket as container to hold everything it sucks in.  That way, you can just keep replacing buckets every time you fill one up, instead of having to stop work to empty the container.  It makes switching from wet to dry jobs easier, too — just swap in a different bucket to go from one to the other.  And when you need to move to a different spot, just grab the assembly using the bucket handle and you’re good to go.

The SpeedClean BucketVac is an industrial-strength vacuum head that snaps onto a bucket for use by HVAC workers, plumbers and similar types of contractors.  With a 60-inch vertical lift suction, it can siphon everything from liquid spills to chunky debris to fine dust, picking up wet materials at 30 GPM and dry stuff at 100 CFM.  Features include a crush-proof 2-feet hose and a 10 micron reusable filter.

Aside from the standard vacuum head, the set includes a variety of attachments including a crevice tool, a brush tool, extension wands and more.  That way, you can tidy up the entire site, including tough-to-reach areas like gutters, edges and corners.

Amazon has the SpeedClean BucketVac Shop Vacuum, priced at $114.95.