Speediance Gym Monster Puts a Full Weights Room in a Single Rack That Can Store Flat Against the Wall

Home gyms are more popular than ever, with the new wave of connected exercise equipment allowing folks to enjoy proper workouts from the comfort of their homes. We’re not just talking about exercise bikes and other cardio equipment either, as many newer releases actually pair resistance training with the connected on-demand instructions that have made home workouts so popular. The Speediance Gym Monster is easily one of the most complete solutions we’ve seen in this regard.

A compact full-body resistance training solution, the equipment actually looks nothing more than a miniature squat rack. Seriously, it’s very compact. Instead of weights, it uses cables that rely on two direct-drive motors to generate resistance, allowing you to perform most resistance exercises within a small confined space.

The Speediance Gym Monster consists of a vertical rack, with each side holding a cable pulley that can be adjusted at various positions across its height. The cables run down towards a platform at the base of the rack, which houses the motors and electronics that power the whole thing, while a vertically-oriented display is mounted in the middle of the rack, so people can follow along to video instruction. The base platform, by the way, also comes with mounting points for the cables, so you can put the cables down there if you need to perform lifts where the weight is coming from below (e.g. barbell press).

According to the outfit, the dual direct-drive motors can generate anywhere from one pound to 220 pounds (at one-pound increments), making this a viable workout machine for all but the heaviest lifters in the weight room. Seriously, that’s enough weight to do squats, bench presses, and deadlifts for anyone other than powerlifters, bodybuilders, and similar fitness pros, making this a great fit for a lot of folks looking to do their weights training at home.

The Speediance Gym Monster comes with all the accessories you’ll need to perform most any kind of traditional weight exercises. The cables, for instance, can be attached to standard handles, ankle straps (for leg exercises), rope, ski handles (so you can do ski cardio), and even a barbell. They also offer an adjustable bench that you can use for bench presses, incline pressess, and other bench exercises. Our favorite accessory, though, is the rowing bench, which, basically, turns it into a rowing machine that you can use for both seated row exercises (crank the weight up) and cardio-based rowing workouts (just dial down the resistance).

Since there are no actual weights involved, there’s no instability in the rack whatsoever, allowing it to function as a freestanding machine, with no need to screw it down to the walls or the floor, making it very convenient. The base platform even folds up to take up even less space when the equipment is not in use. Unlike other connected home gyms that really make their money on the monthly subscriptions, this one actually offers lifetime free membership (at least, for now). That means, you’ll get full access to their on-demand classes and instruction without having to pay a monthly fee. Of course, that’s offset by the fact that they have one of the higher initial cost among connected home gyms, but it may very well be worth it if the monthly subscription model bothers you.

The Speediance Gym Monster is available now.

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