Speedir Laser Flashlight Throws A Concentrated Spotlight To Illuminate Objects 2,000 Feet Away

Some flashlights cast a wide beam, so you can see as much of the area immediately ahead of you. Others cast a more concentrated light, so you can see things from greater distances. The Speedir Laser Flashlight belongs in the latter category, but takes things up a notch by using an actual laser as its light source, allowing it to cast a long-range beam without any spill.

You know how most spot flashlights illuminate far ahead, but still diffuse a bit of light around the beam? Well, that makes them more versatile, as you can use it to see things from a distance, while adding visibility to things within your immediate vicinity. That’s not the case here, as this is for pure long-distance lighting, with a concentrated beam that lets you shine a light on one specific spot and nothing else.

The Speedir Laser Flashlight uses a white laser light source that puts out 380 lumens. We know, that doesn’t sound much when it comes to flashlights. Since it concentrates all that brightness on a singularly-focused beam, however, it’s able to shine a clear light up to a distance of 2,000 feet, making it an extremely useful, albeit specialized, tool for spotting objects at very long range. According to the outfit, the laser has been modified so that it retains the ability to confine the beam to a limited area to maximize its throw, while eliminating any potential harmful effect (like setting things on fire) of the monochromatic laser light, making it perfectly safe to use.

It has three brightness settings, with the lowest going as low as 19 lumens, so you don’t have to go the full max brightness if you’re not spotting stuff from a substantial distance. There are also two strobe modes available, in case you want to use it as an SOS or caution light. The onboard 5,000 mAh battery, by the way, can keep it running for 2.5 hours at maximum brightness, although the battery always starts at the lowest setting (19 lumens) whenever you turn it on to save as much power as possible. Oh yeah, the battery is removable, so you can swap a fresh one if you have it while the other one charges.

The Speedir Laser Flashlight has a head that you can turn clockwise and counter-clockwise, giving you a way to easily adjust the size of the spot light, so you can concentrate it further or disperse it a bit, depending on what you need for each situation. The housing, by the way, is machined from aviation-grade anodized aluminum alloy, which should make it tough and impact-resistant enough for outdoor environments and job sites alike, while being IP68 weather-resistant, allowing you to use it regardless of the prevailing conditions. Dimensions are 7.3 x 1.7 inches (length x diameter), so it’s small enough to fit in EDC pouches, backpack pockets, and even storage slots in your clothing. It comes in two colors: silver and black.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Speedir Laser Flashlight. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $149.

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