Speedlink Cue Brings A Multi-Touch Mouse To PCs

While Apple’s Magic Mouse hasn’t exactly been the rousing success Cupertino’s products have been expected to become, it does offer an alternative control for those who want multi-touch on their peripherals.   Now, PC users can have the same thing with the Speedlink Cue.

Designed for wireless use, the mouse comes with a tiny USB nano-receiver that you plug into your computer to get it working with the peripheral.   It uses 2.4GHz wireless technology, providing a convenient range of around 26 feet.

The Speedlink Cue is a 1000-dpi optical mouse, sporting a button-less top panel that incorporates high-precision touch sensors to give it multi-touch capabilities (no word on how many fingers, though).  You register mouse actions by gently tapping on the surface, right in the same areas where the buttons and scroll wheel go on more conventional navigation accessories.  For more complicated gestures like pinches and swipes, it comes with a software that you can customize to program your favorite set of multi-touch commands.

Granted, the overall appearance pales in comparison with the Magic Mouse, but PC users should be used to that kind of disparity in design by now.  Plus, almost every review we’ve seen of Apple’s mouse accessory says it sucks, so this might even end up being the first really good multi-touch mouse ever.  Or it could suck just as bad.

At the moment, the Speedlink Cue, which will come in black, red, white and silver models, is still listed as “coming soon.”  It’s expected to be available in November, priced at €40 (around $55).

[Speedlink Cue via OhGizmo]