Sphyke C3N Neat Looking Combination Locks Secure Bike Parts From Theft

Your folding bike lock is great at keeping your two-wheeled ride securely tethered to an outdoor post.  But it doesn’t stop determined thieves with a Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench from stealing your saddle, your seatpost, your wheels, and everything else attached to the frame.  That’s where the Sphyke C3N comes in.

A series of replacement nuts that double as combination locks, the system makes it pretty hard to steal various parts of your bike.  That way, you can leave a bicycle outdoors overnight in an unsavory neighborhood and actually enjoy a high probability of seeing it exactly the same way you left it the next day.  Unless somebody thinks running it over with a car is funny or something, of course.

The Sphyke C3N has specific three-dial combination locks designed for bike stems, wheels, seat poles and saddles, allowing you to secure a whole load of bike parts from being picked apart.  To use, start by removing an existing nut or bolt on the bike and replacing it with one supplied in the set.  Then, slide the matching combination lock over it, secure the lock in place, and put on the rubber dust cover.  Done.  Any time you want to get at the nut or the bolt head concerned, you will need to remove the lock first by putting in the combination.

Of course, similar solutions that use a specialized tool or a key to remove nuts and bolts already exist.  Since this uses a combination lock, there are no specialty wrenches or keys to lose — just so long as you put down the combination somewhere, you’ll be fine.

Pricing for the Sphyke C3N combination locks range from €19.95 to €39, depending on which bike part it’s for.

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