Spin Master Air Hogs Jump Fury RC Car Can Leap 22 Inches In The Air And Land On A Tray Of Eggs Without Cracking Them

Hobby-grade RCs are fun. That’s why grownups love them as much as kids do. Problem is, hobby-grade RCs tend to be too fast for little kids to play with at home, leading to either a damaged car or broken stuff around the house. If you have a small one who wants to play with a radio-controlled ride, Spin Master’s RC car with oversized foam wheels offered a perfect indoor bashing ride, as you can crash it onto anything without causing any damage. The Spin Master Air Hogs Jump Fury takes that car and gives it a jumping mechanism that gives it some crazy big air action.

Just like the Stunt Shot before it, this car can be driven around like any RC toy, all while being perfectly safe for playing with indoors, as only the foam wheels will come into contact with anything in the house. That means, it will stay intact through crash after crash, all while leaving no nicks and scratches on your furniture and walls no matter how many times your kids runs it through them.

The Spin Master Air Hogs Jump Fury’s main draw, of course, is the integrated jumping mechanism that allows it to hurl itself up to 22 inches in the air. That’s right, it leaps to almost two feet above whatever surface it’s on, allowing you to make it jump from the ground to the couch to a nearby shelf and everywhere else in the room. And since it takes air and comes down with the same soft foam wheels, it’s completely safe during landing, too, so it can drop on glass and other fragile surfaces without damaging them. Heck, the promo video even shows it landing on a tray of eggs without cracking a single one, so it’s perfectly safe to go wild with it anywhere in the house.

Sadly, you can’t simply make it jump any time you get a hankering for big air. Instead, you need to click the right trigger on the controller and wait for the jumping mechanism to ready itself, which can take around seven seconds. Once in place, though, an indicator will light up in the controller, at which point you can press the same trigger to perform a jump.

The Spin Master Air Hogs Jump Fury can only jump while it’s on a reasonably flat surface, so there are places in the house where it won’t be able to perform the trick. When it can’t do a jump, the same indicator will blink, prompting you to move it to a flatter surface to make a successful jump. If you don’t perform a jump within 20 seconds after the mechanism is activated, by the way, it will reset, so you’ll have to prep it again to do a jump.

Aside from 22-inch jumps, the car can do flips, 360-degree spins, wheelies, bounce of walls, drive over objects (those wheels are oversized for a reason), safely tumble down the stairs, and perform a whole load of other tricks. So yeah… it’s a really fun indoor RC that’s surprisingly safe to play with, so long as you have enough room in the house for it to move around.

The Spin Master Air Hogs Jump Fury is available now.

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