Your Living Room Is Now The Streets Of Gotham City With Spin Master’s The Flash 1989 Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle

Apparently, Batman is going to play a big part in the upcoming The Flash movie. Which is a good thing because, let’s be honest, the speedy guy doesn’t hold a candle to the cool toys of the Caped Crusader. Even better, it turns out Tim Burton’s 1989 iteration of Batman is what we’re getting in the film, which means we’re getting toys recreating the iconic Batman gear of that era. Case in point, this Spin Master The Flash 1989 Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle.

That’s right, the awesome Tim Burton Batmobile is getting a new RC toy, allowing you to recreate the Dark Knight’s dramatic rescue of Vicki Vale and violent destruction of Axis Chemicals. Whether you’re a diehard stickler for the Burton Batman films, a DC collector, or just a dude who likes cool RC cars, this thing definitely deserves a spot somewhere in your collection.

Spin Master’s The Flash 1989 Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle is a full function RC car that recreates the likeness of the Batmobile from the Michael Keaton era. You know… the one where Batman has a perpetual stiff neck, causing him to move like he’s inadvertently doing the robot dance at all times. That means, you get that long hood out front, small cockpit in the middle, and a pair of bat wings in the rear. We’ll admit, it’s an odd-looking car, but it’s one that holds a special place in many of the Caped Crusader’s fans.

The vehicle comes with functional headlights, so Batman can see where the bad guys he’s chasing are going, as well as water-activated smoke effects, so it can help build the same dark and gloomy ambience that’s been a constant fixture in the Tim Burton movies. Of course, it comes with a Batman-themed joystick controller, so you can operate the vehicle with a device that looks like a proper Bat-gadget straight out of Lucius Fox’s lab.

The Spin Master The Flash 1989 Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle also comes with a round platform that lets you display the vehicle while it’s parked in the Batcave. The platform doubles as a charging base, by the way, so it will automatically juice up the battery while your vehicle sits in repose. When plugged in to a power outlet, it won’t just charge your RC Batmobile, either, it will also slowly rotate the base to show off the car like it’s a showroom centerpiece of some sort, making for a great way to display Batman’s 1989-era ride.

Aside from the RC Batmobile, the set also includes a four-inch articulated Batman action figure that’s actually designed to fit in the cockpit. That means, you can have Batman sitting behind the wheel while you drive the darn thing around your living room floor, which, we’ll be honest, kind of looks like Gotham City with all the mess and dirt you’ve got strewn around there anyway. Oh yeah, there’s also a Batcomputer with a matching chair where the Caped Crusader can do his Zoom meetings with Commissioner Gordon.

Spin Master’s The Flash 1989 Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle is priced at $199.99.

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