Spink Keeps You From Knocking Over Your Drinks

Are you clumsy and ppill your drinks often? Sure, you can work on your coordination, but imagine how many more drinks you’ll knock over on the table and spill right on your computer before you get around to steering clear off the coffee cup while you’re dancing to Kanye West’s  song.  Here’s your salvation: the Spink, short for “never SPill another drINK.”

Created by Dream Farm, the thingamajig affixes to your desk via suction cup as soon as you push down the inside lever (it should be automatically pushed when you put a filled drink in place, too).  That way, you can bump into it repeatedly, all while your drink stays upright.   You can tear it off from your table by simply pulling the lever, as well.

The Spink is a coffee cup holder that measures 5.3 x 4.7 inches (h x d) and weighs 0.82 lbs.  A cut out allows the mug’s handle to stick out, so you can grab it without any trouble.  It’s not restricted to mugs, either, as it can accommodate most varieties of drinking vessels, including bottles, soda cans and take-out cups.

Shell is shock-resistant and should absorb most of the force from bumps.  In fact, even if some of that hot coffee jumps out after a forceful bump, they’ll likely fall within the confines of the container, so your desk (and everything else on it) is safe.

Dream Farm says you can customize the Spink by either sticking your photos inside or drawing on it.  Not sure how that works, though.  It’s available now for $19.95.