Spinn Coffee Maker Lets You Grind And Brew Any Kind Of Coffee


It’s not the first bean-to-cup coffee machine we’ve seen. The Spinn Coffee Maker, however, just might be the most versatile, with its unique ability to make your coffee using any brewing style, allowing you to enjoy any type of coffee from the comfort of your kitchen.

Using an integrated grinder and centrifugal brewing system, the appliance is able to control different brewing parameters at a high level of precision, allowing it to make any style of coffee at a level that will rival that of a skilled barista. Specifically, it can control the coarseness of the grind (it grinds the beans as needed), amount of water, water temperature, ground volume, pre-infusion time, contact time between water and coffee, and rotation speed all on its own, making it quite the sophisticated brewing machine. Users, by the way, can rely on pre-programmed settings or change those individual parameters to their liking, so you can customize every brew if you feel up to the task.


The Spinn Coffee Maker measures 17 x 7.5 x 10.2 inches (height x width x depth), with enough room inside to store 42.2 fl.-oz. of beans and up to 57.5 fl.-oz. of water. It comes with capacitive buttons right on the body for control, although it also has built-in Wi-Fi for pairing with the accompanying app, allowing you to start brewing without being anywhere near the kitchen. An adjustable dispensing platform allows you to use containers up to six inches tall, with the machine able to make up to 12oz of any coffee drink in one go. Oh yeah, it also comes with a self-cleaning system, so other than throwing spent grounds, there’s very little maintenance.


Now available for preorder, pricing for the Spinn Coffee Maker starts at $299.

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