SpinRay DeckPower120 Is A DIY Plug And Play Solar Module

You’ve always wanted to install solar panels in your house, but the whole complicated setup and expensive cost just feels a little too daunting for your overly simple charms.  Maybe the new SpinRay DeckPower120 will encourage you to finally take the leap.

Designed for DIY installation, the solar panels can be put in without learning all that electrical black magic professional contractors perform every time they rig up a roof with sun-soaking power modules.  Instead, just stand one of these on a deck at an angle facing the sun, hook it up straight to an outdoor power outlet and you’re done.  Easy.

Billed as a “solar appliance,” the SpinRay DeckPower120 is a consumer-grade photovoltaic solar panel designed to give homeowners free supplemental energy.  Each set comes with everything you need to get started: a 240-watt solar module, an accompanying micro-inverter (about the size of a smartphone), aluminum deck brackets (for mounting) and a 12-foot cable with plug.  Up to five panels can be hooked up to the assembly, feeding an extra 1,000 watts of usable electricity to your home.

Since the device is classified as an appliance, it requires no special permit for installing, making the whole process a plug and play affair as soon as take it get home from the store.  Everything is built to hold up to outdoor weather (even the plug has a water-tight cover), so you don’t need to haul things back indoors when the wet season is afoot.

The SpinRay DeckPower120 is available from Amazon, priced at $999.

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