Spirit Hood Puts An Animal On Your Head

Some mornings, you just want to dress sharp; other days, you feel like going extra-casual;  and a few special times, you feel like leaving the house looking like a bear.  Nowadays, you don’t even need to put on a mascot costume to sport that last look with these Spirit Hoods, furry headwear that makes you look like your favorite hairy beast without looking like you’re working the front door at a kiddie carnival.

Not into wearing skinned animals on any part of your body?  Don’t worry, it’s 100% fake fur made from acrylic, with tencel and rayon lining, so you won’t actually have a tiger stalking your nightmares every night you put it on (let’s face it, the thing looks warm).

The Spirit Hoods collection features a variety of animal styles, all of which craftily mimic the fur colors rather accurately.  They’ve got grizzlies, several varieties of wolves, lions, pandas and more — even a “nasty rabbit.”  All hoods come with ears, so it should make for some interesting silhouette while you strut about a dark club (or stumble home after a bender).

The standard design comes with paws that fall down to around the waist area, which you can use as a scarf or a place to wipe all that catsup in your hands after eating fries.  They also offer a “half” model for some of the designs, which cuts off the arms, leaving just the hood over your head.

We don’t know how a Spirit Hood will go with your regular dress style.  They look crazy good, though.  Prices start at $69 for the half models and $129 for the pawed designs.

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