This Selfie Stick Rotates Its Camera 180-Degrees For Quickly Switching Frames


Whether you love, hate, or otherwise feel ambivalent about selfie sticks, you can’t deny they bring a definite utility that you can’t really get with anything else. As such, it’s highly unlikely they’re going away anytime soon.  In fact, they’re getting better. The Spivo Stick, for instance, allows you to quickly spin the camera 180-degrees, enabling you to switch the frame from yourself to your subject and vice versa with the simple push of a button.

That’s right, this selfie stick lets you quickly switch frames, allowing you to film whatever’s going in front, quickly switch to record your reaction shot, and switch right back to the subject. No need to take the camera off the stick when you want to film anything other than yourself, making for a much more versatile tool.


The Spivo Stick comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with the small measuring 12 inches long, the medium 18 inches, and the large a whopping 26 inches, so you should be covered, whether you like your selfies up close or from a comfortable distance. It comes with a ¼-20-inch universal tripod for mounting GoPros, mirrorless cameras, and DSLRs, as well as an ergonomic handle with a button on the thumb area for quickly switching the camera’s orientation.


Features include a rugged polycarbonate construction, fully-mechanical camera spinning mechanism (no batteries needed), and an adjustable wrist strap. If you like filming underwater, the spinning mechanism will remain operational up to depths of 200 feet.

Available now, the Spivo Stick is priced at $50.

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