Spooklight Puts Turn And Brake Signals On Your Bicycle


Too lazy to stretch your arms out when turning the corner on a bicycle?  Not a problem anymore, if you installed the Spooklight, a functional caution light that works on any run-of-the-mill, mechanical bikes.

Rather than operate through connected wires, the combination turn signal and brake light manages to pull everything off wirelessly.  When shifting left or right, simply tap the touch-sensitive control unit to turn the lights on.  When clamping on the brakes, on the other hand, the onboard accelerometers take over, automatically  switching on the red light as soon as it detects you slowing down.

The Spooklight consists of two components that add a total of 90g to your bike’s weight, namely a lamp unit (that goes in the back) and a wireless control panel (intended for the handlebars).  Both items attach and detach using quick release brackets, so you can take them out for charging without fiddling with any screws.  The lamp and the control module can operate for 60 and 10 hours, respectively, on a single charge via USB.

Durable and waterproof, the lights should work through all types of weather and road conditions.  They even threw in a power bank facility that allows you to plug your cellphone or music player onto the Spooklight to draw a little extra trickle.    It’s a unique solution that should become very handy for night cyclists.  Just don’t forget that in broad daylight, signaling by hand is still likely your best choice.

Of course, most motorists aren’t likely to be familiar with caution lights on bicycles and might not react accordingly, so do watch out for that potential snag.  Otherwise, the Spooklight looks like a good addition to any cyclist’s equipment set and should easily be worth the £55 ($88) price.

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