Spoon Tongs Let You Scoop And Grab Without Switching Utensils

There are innate advantages to using one cooking tool instead of two: you have one less thing to take out of its storage and one less thing to clean up afterwards.   And those just might be good enough reasons to consider the Spoon Tongs, a dual-purpose kitchen implement that turns from a cooking spoon to tongs in one push of a button.

Got no use for one?  Psssh.  With it, you can easily fill up a plate full of spaghetti using the tongs, then lather it with meatsauce using the spoon.  Steak from the grill and gravy from the pot?  Chicken from the pan and corn on the sides?  Same thing.

The Spoon Tongs is made from silicone and plastic with dull edges that ensure it won’t scratch any of your cookware surfaces.   It’s 12 inches long, with a 3-inch wide spoon area, so it makes for an ideal two-in-one serving utensil on the dinner table, as well as a capable lazy man’s cooking instrument with its 204° C heat resistance.

Switching between scooping and grabbing is simple, too.  Just push the button at the end of the handle to unhinge the locking mechanism (to get your tongs) and slap them back together and push the button again (for the oversized spoon).  Oh yeah, it’s dishwasher safe, too, so there’s no extra cleaning required on your part.

The product page at VAT19 calls Spoon Tongs “the Sharktopus” of kitchen gadgets, which we think is fitting.   It may not be necessary in the grand scheme of things, but it sure as hell would be fun to have lying somewhere around the house (yes, I’d like a Sharktopus in an aquarium, too).  It’s available for $10.95.

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