SportChassis P4XL SUV: Scary On The Outside, Luxury On The Inside

Some people have throttled back on big cars, choosing to embrace the nature-friendly machinations of smaller, less-monstrous rides.  In case you’re not one of those trendy treehuggers, the SportChassis P4XL will be right up your alley.

Billed as the “ultimate luxury sport utility vehicle on the planet,” the huge SUV sports a 174-inch wheelbase, a 100-inch body width, a 264-inch length and a 118-inch height.  The product page says the size will “make sure that you impress”; seriously, I think you’ll just scare everybody off and that’s a beautiful thing.

Under the intimidating exterior, the SportChassis P4XL packs in an 8.3-liter Cummins ISC diesel engine, putting out 330 HP and 1,000 ft/lb of torque.  Other details of the four-wheel drive behemoth include a five-speed gearbox, “shift-on-the-fly technology,” a 17,500-lb rear air suspension, a 10,000-lb front axle, air brakes, aluminum wheels and 22.5-inch Michelin tires.  Oh yeah, all that apart from the fact that it will likely destroy any car that runs head-first onto it.

The rear hitch can be made adjustable, too, so you can haul a submarine boat one day and a full trailer camper the next.  Inside the cabin, you get a passive noise reduction system for driving in peace, Pioneer-designed multimedia systems (complete with a touchscreen console, voice recognition and more), Italian leather upholstery, a power-reclining rear sofa and marine-grade carpeting.  That’s monster on the outside and luxury on the inside — just the way scary trucks are meant to be.

No pricing is available yet for the SportChassis P4XL.  Expect it on the north of steep, though.


[thanks Sportchassis]