This Ultimate Adventure Vehicle Is A 4×4 Motorhome Van

Living out of a van is far from ideal, even if it is just for a weekend adventure.  Unless, of course, you equip that van with all the creature comforts it can hold on top of all the rugged qualities it needs to travel extreme 4×4 trails.  That’s exactly what the Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure Vehicle brings.

Combining the around-town maneuverability of a van, the off-road talents of a 4×4, and the amenities you’d usually find on a much larger motorhome, it makes for the perfect ride to take into all your outdoor adventures.  That way, you can climb cliffs, surf the coast, or go hunting the whole day to satiate your thirst for rugged entertainment, all while coming home to a warm bed with a roof over your head and a facility to cook scrambled eggs with cut-up hotdogs in the morning.

The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle is built on a full-size Ford E350 one-ton cargo van that’s been fitted with a brand new four-wheel drive system that lets it drive through the craziest terrains.  It features a pop-top roof to extend ceiling height, a built-in kitchen and sink, and whole loads of storage areas to park your gear, among other amenities.  Designed as a special project by Sportsmobile, it’s been specifically equipped to serve as a mobile base camp for multi-week adventures, so it works just as well on rugged as on more civilized environments.

Pricing for the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle starts at $80,000.  You aren’t relegated to the same conversion, either, as the company offers custom “adventure-style” conversions for almost any type of van.  Check out their website for details.

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