Spoticam Lamp Punks Thieves, Pretends To Be A Surveillance Cam


Want the threat of a security camera without forking over the cost for a real surveillance system?  You just might get away faking it with the Spoticam, a desk lamp clad in the form of a CCTV recorder.

Created by Antrepo Design, the Spoticam resembles a real deal box-style CCD camera, complete with a secure-looking chassis and tilting capabilities.  Since it’s actually intended for use as a low-light source for study desks, it fits in a lighting panel in place of actual video recording hardware.

The home surveillance pretender sports an aluminum housing, that’s either raw or painted white, to ensure that people mistake it for the real deal.  An adjustable arm that can be raised and lowered holds the fake camera, while a rounded flat base allows it to stand on top of a table.  Since it doesn’t really look like a security unit when hoisted on a table, it offers vertical mounting options too, allowing you to attach it to a wall for improved believability.

Perfect for business owners who want to scare off office slackers, this thing should create an ominous Big Brother atmosphere in your workplace without even trying.  Just hang the Spoticam Lamp near the ceiling (where it’s hard to make out if there’s an actual camera inside) and watch employees double their efforts…pretending to work.

[Antrepo via Dvice]