Fagor Spoutnik Is A Microwave For Your Space-Age Kitchen

Microwaving is meant to be easy.  Nobody said anything, however, about it being elegant.  Want to microwave an entire apple pie without slicing it up?  Good luck with that. Unless, of course, you’re using the Fagor Spoutnik.

An erstwhile standard kitchen microwave with a novel design, the appliance lets you nuke food items you’d otherwise have to slice up in order to fit into your insta-heater’s closed-up walls.  Whether you want to microwave a whole chicken, a giant 4-pound lump of a meatball, or an entire pig’s head, this thing should do the job without requiring you to bust out the blades.

While it doesn’t quite do amazing things, the Fagor Spoutnik’s innovative dome design has some serious benefits.  Not only can you fit food items that otherwise wouldn’t squeeze into a rectangular box, the fully accessible cooking area also makes it easier to clean.  And with a translucent lid, you get a full 360-degree view of the microwave dinner you’re heating the entire time.

It features an electronic display panel, with four cooking modes (high, low, reheat, defrost) and customizable timer.  Details include a spinning turntable with a 28-cm. diameter, interior illumination (turns to blue when the food is done), and a smooth opening mechanism.

Sure, you’d rather stick to your reliable Viking 4-in-1 than shell out for something new, but how can you resist being able to watch all those food you overheat to explosion popping with a full 360-degree view?  You can’t.  The Fagor Spoutnik is available now, priced at €132.

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