Spray Cake: The Most Convenient And Laziest Way To Make A Cake?

The Spray Cake is a new baking solution that puts pre-made cake batter inside an aerosol can.  No more adding eggs and water to your cake mixes – just spray the whole thing onto a dish and slip it inside the oven.

Not only does it make preparing batter faster, the cake cooks faster, too.  When the batter is used to make cupcakes, it can bake in just 30 seconds; for a whole cake, it will take just an entire minute.

Spray Cake’s batter cooks fast because the batter comes out of the can already pre-risen.  Even better, your kitchen doesn’t need an actual oven, since the thing can be baked inside any microwave, all while getting the same mouth feel as a traditional cake.  They claim that the canned batter formula they use will be more consistent than traditional batter, too.  The container itself looks like a regular can of whipped cream and can be used exactly the same way.  Just aim the nozzle at your Nibble Pan, press on the actuator, and spread it all over the dish.  From there, you just bake it and wait the minute it will take to finish.

The Boston Globe set up a taste test for the cake with professional pastry chef Joanne Chang, who sampled the product.  Chang gave the cake a thumbs up, although she did say the batter could use just a bit more salt.

John McCallum and Brook Nowakowski, the couple who invented the Spray Cake, are currently in the process of patenting the product and getting the business off the ground.

[via Boston Globe]