Spray Chalk: Washable Art Supply For Conscientious Taggers

You like graffiti, but hate vandalism.  And let’s be honest — spraying permanent paint on public property is vandalism, regardless of what your favorite tagging aficionado tells you. Here’s a compromise for more conscientious aerosol-toting street artists: Spray Chalk.  Yep, chalk.

Unlike regular aerosol art supplies, it won’t spit out paint that will actually require a fresh coat of color to be cleaned up.  Instead, it draws using colored chalk, allowing the resulting artwork (or monstrosity, depending on how good your art skills actually are) to be easily removable by just washing with warm soapy water.  That way, you can actually tag your own backyard without sending your mom (or your wife, depending on your life situation) in a rage.

Each can of Spray Chalk takes on the same shape and dimensions as regular aerosol paint, so it should fit in your Graffiti Utility Backpack just as easily as your usual supplies.  We’re not sure how much art you can do with a can (it contains 150 ml of chalk), but we’re guessing quite a lot.  Because it washes off, you can spray it on, pretty much, whatever you like — sidewalks, grassy ground (for an impromptu baseball diamond) and even your home’s windows (you know, for Halloween or Christmas art).

Just like regular spray paint, it can be used with stencils, so you don’t even have to know how to draw to make cool stuff with this thing.  You know, just download crap from the internet, print it on paper and cut the things out.  Just like regular aerosol paint, though, make sure to avoid spraying it on naked flames, eyes, skin and closed areas.

The Spray Chalk is available in six colors (black, blue, green, red, white and yellow), priced at £5.99 each.

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