SprayPrinter Turns Aerosol Cans Into Intelligent Self-Spraying Print Heads


Anyone can spray paint onto a wall, but few can make the resulting tags and murals look like anything that resembles a work of art. If you’ve always fancied doing aerosol art but lack the necessary talents to actually put together a decent piece, this SprayPrinter should help you check that off the bucket list.

A smart hardware that fits over the top of a spray can, it turns the can into an automated printer that can impose any image you want onto any surface (you choose the image from a mobile app). Whether you want to paint a portrait from a photograph, recreate a classic street art piece, or draw a mural of a design you put together on a computer, this thing should let you do that with absolutely no skills involved.


To use, simply hold up the SprayPrinter-armed can up to the wall, move it across the entire surface you want to paint, and allow the can to spray the area by itself. As in, it will only release paint whenever it’s over an area where spraying can help complete the image (it uses a camera to track its position), cutting down all the manual work necessary to moving your arm side-by-side across the wall, similar to the head of a traditional printer. It, essentially, functions like a dot-matrix printer, filling in the image pixel by pixel, so while there are limitations to the results you can get, it does pave the way to some awesome possibilities.


Created by a small startup from Estonia, SprayPrinter is planning to run a crowdfunding next month to bring the product to market.

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