Heated SpreadTHAT Butter Knife Powers Using Your Body Warmth

Heated knives that ease spreading butter on stale toast aren’t new, but previous ones that have come out required a battery to generate the heat.  The SpreadTHAT goes an entirely different route, transferring your body heat to the knife edge to give it that butter-melting temperature.

Made by THAT! Inventions, it looks like a regular butter knife with a slider-like object on the handle.  Rather than act as a switch for turning on the heat, however, it’s actually just part of the heat-conducting tech that draws warmth from your palm and passes it off to the knife to soften even the coldest butter and spreads.

SpreadTHAT uses an open-ended copper alloy tube inside the knife that runs from the handle to the end of the blade, transferring heat and enabling its unique ability to warm butter without using electricity.  Construction is food-grade polypropylene, with a titanium plating that ensures durability for years and years of use.  Since the heat will carry out the bulk of cutting through butter and spreads, the knife is designed with no sharp edges, ensuring it’s safe even for children to handle.

Do note, you’ll need to wait 20 seconds after grabbing the knife before it sufficiently heats up.  After that, however, the heat will just continue to flow until the time you set it down to start cleaning out your breakfast plate.

Originally a Kickstarter project that launched just a couple months ago, SpreadTHAT is now available as a consumer product.  Price is $19.99.

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