Look Ma No Axe: The Spruce Stove Burns Through A Whole Tree Trunk

Cooking on a wood stove?  Well, break out the unbreakable hatchet and go chop some wood in the backyard.  Not really into the laborious lumberjack work that requires?  Well, turn in your traditional wood stove and get one of these interesting Spruce Stoves instead.

Created by Dutch designers Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens, it’s a wood stove that burns an entire log for fuel rather than chopped-up firewood and twigs.  Is it more efficient than a regular wood stove?  We don’t know.  Is it easier to use?  We can’t tell.  Does it look more awesome?  Yep, hands-down.

The Spruce Stove is a diaphragm-shaped wood-burning heater with an opening at one end sized to swallow a full-sized tree trunk.  It’s not long enough to fit an entire length of tree trunk, so external supports are integrated to keep it from sliding off and falling over.  According to the creators, the exposed part of the log won’t catch fire because draft from the fire will suck all the flames inward.  Left unattended, however, the fire will eventually die off on its own (the rest of the log will remain untouched), so you’ll need someone to push the log further in.

Does it really work? Apparently, it does.  In fact, they’re building ten units of the darn thing in a limited-edition run.  Is it practical?  Heck, no, unless you can integrate it with an automated log-feeding mechanism.  And, we guess, if you have plenty of tree trunks to burn.  Pricing is set at €4,500.

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