Spy Camera Shirt Hides The Spy Camera In The Spy’s Camera

We’ve seen shirts equipped with spy cameras before. The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt, however, makes the camera placement so obvious it becomes undetectable.  Ponder on that.

The garment sports a retro-themed graphic for a fake movie called Tokyo with Love, where a dashing spy in a tuxedo holds a gun in one hand and a camera on the other.  The camera is pulled right up to the hero’s face, suggesting he’s taking a photograph of whatever scene’s in front of him, which is actually true, since the spy camera’s lens is hiding right under it.  Clever.

What kind of James Bond gadgetry do you get with the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt?  A VGA resolution spy cam sits in the back of the shirt, hiding right behind the camera on the graphic.  Hopefully, it’s adequately encased, since we’ve seen people sweat mid-day afternoons — and it’s not pretty.

A remote trigger with vibration feedback is tethered to the camera, which you can stash in your pocket for covert shutter control.  Up to 150 photos can be kept on the onboard storage, which you can dump to a computer later via USB cable.  You’ll need three AAA batteries to keep the whole operation running.

The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt is washable, provided you remove the camera (it’s detachable) and all accompanying electronics first.  It’s available for $39.99.

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