Spyker CyberKAT RC Kit Lets You Build Your Own Cybertruck-Like Tank

We love Tesla’s Cybertruck and all, but you have to admit, any car that looks like that probably needs tank treads instead of traditional tires. It just feels more in line with the overall aesthetic. If you need proof, look no further than the Spyker CyberKAT RC Kit, a Cybertruck-inspired RC that uses tank treads to conquer backyards like a veritable war machine.

Designed by Ryan Butler of Spyker Workshop, it’s an RC toy that looks like some kind of futuristic tank with a styling reminiscent of Tesla’s upcoming truck. Truth be told, it hardly looks like a toy. In fact, if people see you driving this at the lawn, they’re more likely to think you’re operating one of those robo-mowers instead of an off-road RC toy.

The Spyker CyberKAT RC Kit measures 29 x 19 x 9.5 inches, making for quite the large backyard basher, with 4.25 inches of ground clearance allowing you to drive over obstacles and all sorts of challenging terrain. Equipped with a metal exterior, the ride should hold up to all sorts of off-road conditions, while a trailer hitch in the back allows you to hook it up to carts, wagons, and whatever wheeled equipment you have lying around for towing cargo. Based on the demo videos, it appears to be weatherproofed, too, since they’re driving it around in the snow like a miniature snowmobile. According to the outfit, transmission can be set up for either high-speed or high-torque performance, so you can tune it to blast through the backyard at a brisk pace or move as much cargo around your outdoor space (all parts are included for either mode).

It has a plasma-cut frame made with 5052 sheet aluminum, as well as CNC-cut transmission and hull supports. Other parts like the gears, sprockets, wheels, and tracks have all been injection molded, so most of the components are custom built specifically for the kit. It has custom PCB circuit boards that control power distribution within the vehicle, while integrated lights along the front edges allow you to make it out even when you’re driving during the night.

The Spyker CyberKAT RC Kit doesn’t come with a motor, but it is compatible with any 775-size motor you already own (or plan to get). According to the outfit, they recommend 12V for an easier set up, although it can also handle 24V motors if you prefer a lot more power. Spyker also sells an Electronics Kit that includes motor, ESCs, and radio, if you’d rather not source those yourself. There are also no batteries, by the way, but there are designated slots size to fit up to four SLA batteries or three Lipos, as well as integrated Velcro straps to secure them in place.

Do note, this is a kit, so you’ll have to put everything together before you can start letting it loose. And it’s not a slot-and-snap assembly, either, as you’ll have to drive every screw, secure every bolt, and install every washer, although it does include printed instruction guides to make things just a little easier. Oh yeah, you’ll also need to drill holes in some sections, so you’ll need to have the right tools on hand if you’re going to pick one up.

The Spyker CyberKAT RC Kit is now available for preorder, priced starting at $1,299.

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