SpyraThree Brings Versatile Shooting Modes To Your Water Blaster Battles

Since they debuted in 2018, Spyra has made the best water blasters around. From the concentrated blasts of liquid bullets and the automatic refilling when submerged in water to the rifle-style form factor that makes it downright fun to use, it delivers on water warfare like no other. And they’re continuously evolving it, too, making an already good thing even better. The SpyraThree is the newest iteration of the water blaster and it’s the most versatile one yet.

A fully-automated water blaster, the toy expands on the capabilities of the Spyra Two, taking on mostly the same features, albeit with all-new firing modes onboard. While its predecessor unleashed single substantial blasts, this one gets three shot options, allowing you to unleash single blasts, bursts, and even an electronically-controlled mode that limits how fast you can shoot for more competitive gameplay.

The SpyraThree is a battery-powered water blaster that comes with three firing modes, namely Open, Burst, and League. Open mode sets it to shoot single water blasts much like previous iterations, which it can send to distances of around 30 feet, while Burst mode unloads three of those single shot blasts one after another with a single pull of the trigger. League mode, on the other hand, is a competitive setting that lets you fire several single-shot blasts before locking you out for a few seconds, essentially forcing a cool-down before letting you shoot again, so you can’t simply go around spamming those liquid bullets indiscriminately. That last mode also enables a PowerShot option, which unleashes a larger blast that can distances approaching 50 feet.

According to the outfit, the blaster can carry enough water for up to 22 single shot blasts, with each blast containing around 30ml of concentrated water. Once you run out, you simply dunk the barrel of the blaster on a pool of water and push the trigger forward, which will activate the built-in pump to automatically refill the tank and pressurize the water, all of which takes just around 10 seconds.

The SpyraThree comes with a built-in battery that powers the refilling, pressurizing, and firing systems of the blaster, which you can recharge via a USB-C connection. According to the outfit, the battery holds enough juice to let you play with 100 tank refills between charges. An integrated display lets you see the remaining amount of water and battery level at all times, so you know exactly when to use your ammo sparingly while planning out when you’re going to refill. Do note, using the Burst mode will deplete your ammo incredibly fast, so only use that if you don’t mind filling up in short order.

Features include a slider switch to let you change shooting modes quickly, a textured handle that ensures a firm grip even when wet, and a built-in filter that keeps dirt and other particulates out. It comes in two colors, red and blue.

Just like the previous battery-powered Spyra models, the SpyraThree is quite pricey for a water blaster, retailing for $179. However, if you want the best water blaster you can get for your summer revelry, though, there’s really nothing better. It’s available now.

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