Squeezie Turns Any Tube Of Toothpaste Into A Functional Toothbrush


Just like other caps, the Squeezie can screw onto the mouth of your favorite toothpaste’s tube, keeping it covered and sealed up whenever it’s not in use. Unlike them, it attaches an actual toothbrush onto the top of the tube, with an integrated facility that automatically puts toothpaste on the bristles with just one squeeze.

That’s right, it attaches your toothbrush to the toothpaste, combining your dental hygiene staples in just a single tool. No more reaching for a toothpaste, opening it to squeeze out a dab on your toothbrush, closing it back up, and all that jazz – just squeeze the tube gently and watch the paste come out from under the bristles, spreading the entire thing evenly along the brush.


Made at Quirky, the Squeezie is a small toothbrush measuring just 3.1 inches long, with one end designed to screw onto the opening of conventional toothpaste tubes. Once attached, you can then use the tube as the toothbrush handle, all while enjoying the more convenient dispensing mechanism the contraption affords. Since the paste is extruded directly into the bristles, it also minimizes the chances of mess when the kids brush their teeth, since it eliminates the likelihood of toothpaste splattering and oozing onto your sink and floor.


Granted, squeezing too hard while brushing means you may end up with more toothpaste unnecessarily coming out, so it does have some downsides. Still, that should encourage folks to brush with a lighter hand – something that could help protect your gums in the long run.

The Quirky Squeezie is now available for preorder with a May ship date, priced at $4.99.

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