Sriracha2Go Is The Portable Condiment Bottle Your Hot Sauce Craving Has Wanted Forever

If life was fair, every place you eat in will have sriracha on tap, so you can lather every grub with the delicious spicy sauce like it was nobody’s business.  But life isn’t fair and sriracha isn’t everywhere, so if you’re addicted to the darn rooster sauce, you better bring your own supply.  And while you can always slip a bottle in your bag, we have a feeling the Sriracha2Go will be a much more convenient alternative.

A pocket-sized, refillable bottle that can clip onto your keychain, it lets you bring a small supply of the tasty chili sauce everywhere you go.  That way, you never have to sit through a meal without enjoying the magical powers of sriracha to go along with it.  Whether you’re stuffing that face with corndogs from a food truck, pizza at a chain restaurant, or steaks at a fancy place, you can give the meal a boost by simply pulling this thing out of your pocket.

Sriracha2Go measures 4.5 inches tall and 1.6 inches wide, with space inside to hold 1.25 ounces of the hot stuff.  Sure, that ain’t much if you gobble up chili sauce like it’s going out of style, but a little of the spicy goodness for use throughout the day sure sounds better than none of it.  The bottle comes with a hole on top and a clip attached to it, so you can quickly add the assembly to your keychain or hook it to a belt loop.

Available now, Sriracha2Go retails for $7.

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