SRS Day Bag Is A Stylish Sack Made From Junk Car Parts

Need a small man bag for whatever manly things you’ve got planned for the weekend?  Unless you’re planning to bring along something big (like a hunting bow or a fishing reel), the SRS Day Bag should make for a stylish carrying sack that’s just the right size.

Made by E13, the bags don’t just look great, they’ll make for nice conversation pieces, too, having been constructed almost entirely from materials salvaged out of dead cars from junk shops around Ohio.  The outer is decked in reclaimed driver-side airbags; the interior from passenger-side airbags; and the handle and strap from old nylon seatbelts.

The E13 SRS Day Bag is a tube-shaped sack that measures 17.5 inches long, with a volume capacity of 6 liters.   While it looks small, the product page makes a point of showing just how much stash you can fit inside: an entire picnic set (with a bottle of wine and French bread to boot), full running gear (complete with shoes), travel essentials, or even two dozen cans of beer.

Inside the bag is an  8 x 5 pocket, allowing you to compartmentalize some of the items in your stash.  You can also use the pocket to hold the strap if you decide to remove it.   If the bag’s a little too big for your needs, you can even roll up as much as half of the sack, using the bag handle to hold down the size.

For a small bag made from recycled junk, the E13 SRS Day Bag is pretty expensive, though.  Price is $120.

[E13 via Core77]