SSCY Bandolier Is A Body-Strapped Bike Bag

Your Traveler’s Security Bandolier may be great for holding on to your valuable stash for trips.  But it’s a little too lacking in pretty to make do for everyday city use.  If you love the body-slinging convenience, though, you could hit the road in style with the SSCY Bandolier.

Aimed at the bicycle crowd, the body-strapping container offers a middle ground for those who find their free-swinging messenger bags a tad too big and a fanny pack a whole lot of awkward. It stays right on your body the entire time, making it easy to access the contents with one hand while you’re still on the bike.

The SSCY Bandolier comes with two zippered pouches, each measuring 13 x 11 x 7.5 x 2 inches (top width, bottom width, height, depth) with an interior pocket that should fit an iPad nicely.  Made from denier nylon, the bag should be plenty strong, with water resistance to boot. It also comes with straps, which you can use to hold a skateboard.

Both pouches can be repositioned via velcro straps, so you can have one in front and another in the back to make the intrusion minimal.  The pouches can be folded right in the middle using snap buckles, as well, making them easier to carry if you only have small stuff in tow.

If you’ve been searching for a bicycle bag that’s a good chunk smaller than a regular messenger, the SSCY Bandolier should make for a perfectly viable alternative.  Plus, it’s compact enough to look good even under a jacket, so you can rock it regardless of weather.  Price is $120.