Stack Chair Designates A Reading Area In Your House


Sick of your husband turning the bathroom into his own private library?  Put an end to it with the Stack Chair Wall Sticker, a decal that turns an erstwhile useless wall into your home’s designated reading corner.

Created by Florian Kremb for his AMPLIFIER studio, it puts an image of the rear part of a 78 x 36 cm chair on your wall.  Yep, just the rear – the backrest and the back legs.  Paired with a stack of magazines, it turns the space into a functional seating fixture that actually looks like one.

Finally found the time to enjoy that magazine you picked up last week?  Simply park yourself on the pile of reading materials, reach out for the one you want (it should be somewhere in the stack below) and commence reading.   Once you realize what a boring conglomerate of crock you just wasted money on, just reach for a different one from the pile you’re sitting on top of.  Easy.

If you’ve got tons of old magazines you don’t want to get rid of but can’t find any real use for (like the conspiracy nuts on TV), the Stack Chair Wall Sticker sounds like a lifesaver.  Line up an entire wall and turn the empty space into a snazzy-looking row of makeshift chairs.  Just because you’re a packrat doesn’t mean you can’t be hip, right?

We’re not sure what’s the point behind the £30.65 ( that’s almost $50) pricing, but that’s what Florian is selling it for.  I mean, if the decal is laced with gold trims or something, I’d understand. Little steep but Great idea.

[Hidden Art Shop]